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Alright, so my bike got stolen two days ago securely locked with an on-guard u-lock.  It's likely that they used a cordless electric saw to cut through it, although nothing was left to verify.  My question is, is there any lock that can't be cut by one of these saws? I know a lot of people use the heavy duty chain locks, but are these any more secure?

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Agree with J W-- 2 U-locks of any reasonable quality will give you the edge, and any expense beyond that just gets quickly into "diminishing returns" territory. As long as both U-locks are locking the bike to something solid.

Okay--great! Thanks, folks!

I lost all the other info I typed so the short version is:
High pedestrian traffic area.
Multiple lock types. BigA** Chain, U-lock, padlocks, cable, (alarmed) disc lock if applicable.
COPDOTS or even engraving. ID hidden in the bike. DL# will do.
Know your serial number and have it registered.
For the record, this post dates back to 2010 so his bike wasn't "just stolen."

Even the best locks, including U-locks come off VERY quickly.
Yes, I know this from experience. No, I'm not a thief.
Sounds like you have it covered, J.W.
Good work!


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