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Giving people that cant afford a bike a hard time.

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I kinda hate this video and I think you are having the same reaction I am. Yes, they are stealing a bike and that sucks but shocking them once they are riding the bike? Dangerous (could cause a bad accident) and painful payback for leaving a bike unlocked and waiting for someone to take it. It bummed me out when it cropped up all over my FB newsfeed. Sad. 

I don't like bike thiefs, but I cringed when I watched this. Someone getting seriously hurt isn't funny.

These "prankster doods" are utter cretins.  However, declaring the bike thieves are "people that can't afford a bike" is giving them a pass (and not necessarily true either.)

These are self inflicted by permanent installations.

1. Car can't enter bus only section.

2. Peds playing with swing gate.

3. Towed vehicles not allowed?

4. No parking back side of lift gate?

6, 7, 8.  Watch out for that drop gate!!!

9. Trail bollards protect against too wide exit.

10. Ducks lift gate, knocks over trash can, crosses road into pedestrian mall?


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