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I want to buy a bike trailer for my two kids, (we're trying to use our car less, and they're still both too young to ride on their own).  If anyone has experience with these, which is the best one to get?  We are looking at the Burley D-Lite double, it has good reviews of being lightweight and well made.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone!!

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Burley D'lite seems to be the most expensive on the market, go for it!

My Burley from the mid-90's was fantastic. That company is very smart. My memories of tooling-around with a trailer & kids are permanantly imprinted & congrats on a great decision.

Burley is a good brand. We have a Chariot Cougar that we love and use for biking, strolling and jogging. It's higher up off the ground (more visible) and bright orange. Great quality. 

I have this model and like it. I found a used one on Craigslist; I don't think it had ever been ridden. What's nice is that you can get an attachment that turns the trailer into a stroller so when the kids fall asleep, you can walk around with them. Burley customer support is also amazing


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