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Article in the Trib about Yoga for Cyclists... glad to see a positive article

Seeing this article, I like to think the tide is starting to change and cyclists are becoming more accepted as a normal choice. We all know it's a great, healthy, green choice to commute and exercise by bike so it's great to see an article that supports that lifestyle. I especially like this one because yoga has really helped me stay in the drops and get into a comfortable riding position for long rides. After a weekend of long rides, I love going on Mondays to work out any soreness from the weekend.

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Great article, thanks for posting the link. I guess its only a matter of time before we start seeing more cyclists with Yoga mats strapped on. The Buddha circle on the LFP just north of Fullerton might be a good place to stop for a Yoga break. Who knows, maybe even John Kass will lighten up a little if he happens to read the article. 


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