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Are you thinking about racing? There is a really great clinic this Saturday, March 7 and it's free.

"This discussion will heighten your awareness of five key concepts you should keep in mind each time you get on your bike as well as Q&A about bike racing. Held before riding and racing season begins (Half-Acre sponsored Gapers Block race series for beginners held 4/6-9). Chicago Women's Elite Cycling (CWEC) is a collective to develop future talent in womens cycling and support Chicagoland Women Elite racers compete in professional races, effectively putting the stamp of Chicago on the national race scene."

I highly recommend attending this clinic if you are interested in racing.

CWEC’s Development Director, Francine Haas will be at Johnny Sprockets to share her wisdom. She will present five key concepts and will cover what to expect in your first race. This is a great opportunity to apply her know-how at the Gapers Block Crits! The clinic is open to women and men. 

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