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Broadway was impassable this morning--how's the city doing keeping Dearborn and Kinzie and the others clear this week?

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Elston was a slop fest today all the way south to Milwaukee.  A plow had been through the protected lane south of North, but it looked like the blade was never lowered to the ground, as most spots still had a good inch of ice/snow.  It doesn't help that places shovel and blow the snow in to the bike lane - People's Gas is usually the worst offender on that stretch.

There was no plowed lane north of North.  Parts were clear, others forced me into the lane.

Could be a Bilandic-Byrne style mayoral primary.

Lisa Curcio 4.1mi said:

I agree with the premise, but so far Streets and San has not cleared the side streets in my neighborhood at all, so I disagree with the amazing job of clearing snow part. :-)


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