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I'm thinking we could leave early on a Saturday, stay the night, and then head back Sunday afternoon. It's about 50 miles, so probably take 5 hours or so. I've never ridden it, so if anyone has a path or suggestions, post em!

Maybe last weekend in May or First in June...?

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Mr. Zippy here.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend. Definitely huge thanks to Woody for the awesome cookout, and for showing us what a REAL air mattress looks like.

And huge thanks to Dan for guiding Anne and I to Hammond today. He knew all the cool shortcuts and we even did some cyclocross through the "under development" sections of the bike trail.

And last but not least, huge thanks to Iggy and Shar for hauling up food and cookware on Friday, and to Jami for hauling our camping gear back to Chicago today. The return trip was way more fun without 35lbs of crap zip-tied to my bike!
haha, yeah, i just wanted to get your bikes dirty..

wheres everyones pics?
Zesty here- I took another shower on the way back, but I left my pants on and my camera is soaked!

o0_dan_0o said:
haha, yeah, i just wanted to get your bikes dirty.. wheres everyones pics?
Haha!!!! Zippy, Zesy and MR. flat! The weekend was super fun, even with all of joes flat tires. Everyone was great and totally funny! Thank you everyone for coming and making the trip a blast!!! WHERE WE RIDING TO NEXT!??!?!? Milwaukee????????
my buttocks wish to say....ow, ow..ow, ooh...eee...ah..ow, ow. But otherwise, thanks all. Loved the trip!!

Fuck the chicago wind.
PICS ARE POSTED FROM THE TRIP ON MY PAGE - in case you wanna see how drunk joe was.


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