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anyone that has done long distance wanna give some advice

anyone that has done some long distance touring i would be interested in come advice

reference as in links,books ect.
anything you can offer up yourself
the best bikes do tour with?

you get what im asking 
thanks :) 

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Talk to Robert & Aaron from Bikeloc. They should know something about long distances, they're riding from Vermont to Oregon to promote the local food movement via potlucks. Check out their blog or facebook pages:

There will be some blog posts or something for sure. I should be doing it come early to mid august. Its slow going on hills... really slow going. but its fun. as for downhills it doesn't gain a mind of its own but you really have to show it who's boss if theres a turn on said down hill :-)

Clark said:
Glen (FTF) said: next trip will be a 240 something mile trip...on a pedi cab....

Wow Glen! Please post your experiences on this thread when you return. What's a PediCab like on the hills? Does it become unstable coming downhill fast?



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