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Anyone looking for a folder project (Dahon Mu frameset)?

For two years now i've had a brand new/never ridden black Dahon Mu frameset (20" wheels), along with a Dahon seatpost, sitting in my storage closet. I thought i would one day get around to building my dream folder, but now that i have a baby and my life has become infinitely busier, i know that it's just not going to be happening any time soon, so i'd love for this immaculate brand new frameset to find its way into the hands of someone looking for a folder project.

i have no idea how to go about pricing such an obscure item with such a limited market, but before i go ebay with it, i thought i'd first offer it up to the local chainlink world and if anyone here makes me a non-ridiculous offer, i'll probably accept it, as long as they're genuinely interested in building out the frameset so that it can finally be a bike and provide someone with many miles of smiles. (my main goal here is getting this frameset to be a bike, the money is very secondary, though i'd like to get something for it).

bonus: to sweeten the pot, i'd be willing to throw in a pair brand new Shimano A530 combo SPD/platform pedals (black) to boot.


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I am interested.  

What is the OLD of the wheels front and back?  Is the front fork 100mm?  The back? 

it has standard Dahon O.L.D's:

front: 74mm

rear: 130mm

both dropouts are vertical.

and to clarify, i don't have a wheel set for this bike, i only have the frame, fork, and seatpost (and pedals to thrown in if buyer interested). it would need everything else - headset, stem & bars, brakes, drivetrain, wheels, saddle, etc.

How thick are the dropouts in mm?

I would want to build up this frame using a Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub in the rear.  I have some 160mm S-A axles to build up a newly-refurbished AW hub, from vintage parts, but this only leaves 15mm on both sides for the dropout and outer nut. That should be plenty unless the dropouts are super meaty and 10mm+ thick.  

I'm assuming there is a replaceable derailleur hanger for this frame due to the vertical dropouts?  It's kind of hard to tell on this photo. A DH will be necessary to put a chain tensioner since vert. dropouts have no F/R adjustment.   If I have to use a claw I'll be running out of room on my axle. 

Also, I'm assuming the BB shell is a standard ISO 68mm? 

I'm looking to build a boatable folder from the frame up that is lighter, handier, and more compact than my Raleigh Twenty. Something that fits in a dinghy without taking up too much space, and can stow quickly/easily in a locker in a 34-foot sailboat.   So, I  too am looking to build up a 'dream folder' that I can take with me cruising the Caribbean and perhaps eventually points further deep water. 

the drop-outs themselves don't seem unusually meaty or thick to me, pretty standard looking, but i can measure 'em over the weekend and get back to you.

yes, derailleur hanger is replaceable type.

yes, standard ISO 68mm BB shell.

I hope whoever buys it lets us watch the build here on the chainlink.

me too.

if i can't build my dream folder from this frame, i sure hope someone else can, and i'd definitely love to see pics of the final build to know that it's making someone else happy.

I am not positive, but there is a very good chance that bike needs to have a Dahon specific rear derailleur.  It also requires a Dahon specific headset and folding stem that is not going to be super easy to get.

Dug - we have one so I'm curious, what makes them different? We have the SS Boardwalk model so that solves some things, but whats with the headset? Just thinking ahead. Thanks.

DUG - I don't think you need to run a proprietary derailleur on this frame. Dahon does outfit a lot of their bikes with their own neos derailleurs, but I have another Dahon that I run a regular old off-the-shelf SRAM derailleur on with no issues. Also, Self-sealing Stembolt above was talking about possibly building the frame with an IGH and chain tensioner, which would also be a good solution.

Headset and folding handlepost would need to be proprietary Dahon Fusion products, but they can be readily sourced from I've used thor several times in the past for dahon proprietary stuff, he's super nice and helpful, he's always been able to source what I need, and his prices are fair.

Still available?

yep, it sure is. 

I believe the hubs for this bike are proprietary, Dahon being only supplier.

Variying qualities of wheelsets are available from Dahon directly.

The MU frameset may only take Dahon's derailleur. It's not too spendy if that is the case.

The headset is going to be the biggest challenge in re-building the bike.

All the appointments are available from Dahon though.


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