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Anyone looking for a folder project (Dahon Mu frameset)?

For two years now i've had a brand new/never ridden black Dahon Mu frameset (20" wheels), along with a Dahon seatpost, sitting in my storage closet. I thought i would one day get around to building my dream folder, but now that i have a baby and my life has become infinitely busier, i know that it's just not going to be happening any time soon, so i'd love for this immaculate brand new frameset to find its way into the hands of someone looking for a folder project.

i have no idea how to go about pricing such an obscure item with such a limited market, but before i go ebay with it, i thought i'd first offer it up to the local chainlink world and if anyone here makes me a non-ridiculous offer, i'll probably accept it, as long as they're genuinely interested in building out the frameset so that it can finally be a bike and provide someone with many miles of smiles. (my main goal here is getting this frameset to be a bike, the money is very secondary, though i'd like to get something for it).

bonus: to sweeten the pot, i'd be willing to throw in a pair brand new Shimano A530 combo SPD/platform pedals (black) to boot.


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I def want it if it's still for sale. Inbox me.


Do you still have this frame? Please call/text me 847-454-6590. Thank you!



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