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Anyone know how and where to recycle bike tires and tubes?

I received the following today:

> I'm planning on attending the expo this weekend and was wondering if you
> were accepting old worn-out bike tires and tubes (none of them useable
> any longer) for recycling.  The tubes have been cut into smaller pieces
> (such as lengths of 12 inches) because at the time I did that, I didn't
> think the valves were recyclable.  I now know that tubes are more
> recyclable when left whole.  Please let me know--I have a hefty bag full
> of tubes and a few dozen tires and would be very happy to keep them out
> of the waste stream if possible--

I know this comes up now and then but I usually lose interest after the third time someone erroneously declares that Working Bikes wants them, and I guess if there's an answer I never hear it.

Thanks for any info-- told the guy I'd research it and get back to him.

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was in Performance Bikes tonight (halsted/diversey) and noticed they had a blue recycling bin by the door filled with tires and tubes.  I asked the manager and he affirmed they have a corporate agreement with Liberty Tire to recycle them and it was free of charge for anybody to drop them off.  He said they were getting ready to send out a big shipment of them next week.

I dont know about anybody else but I will be dumping off a very large bag tomorrow..



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