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Anyone have a loaner-beater bike? And advice on where to find used bikes in Chicago?

Had a crash last week- lost my bike and lots of skin...

Now that my foot is healed enough, I've been searching for a used bike.

Problem is, I'm pretty picky and like to take my time searching for a bike that really fits me. In the meantime, I was hoping to find someone that has a beater bike they don't mind loaning. I've gotta get to work somehow, and the train just doesn't cut it.

Additionally, I would really like advice on your favorite places to shop for used bikes (I'm familiar with 'Nearly New' but would like to look around as much as possible).

Thanks everyone!

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Thats fine, I am at Foster and Broadway. Come pick one up. Just don't be to picky on the loaner. They all work. 773-343-4500
You should go to Working Bikes. They're open Sundays and Wednesdays. Just get there early.
Blackstone Bike Works (6100 S. Blackstone, in Hyde Park), also sells used bikes. If money is an issue, I would first check with Working Bikes, as they seem to have better prices.
Ouch. I just crashed too and this missing skin is no fun....

I'd check with Working bikes first - it's Saturday and Wednesday (they're no longer open on Sundays). They usually have a much larger selection for adult bikes than Blackstone.
Blackstone also sell used, but selection of women's bikes are really hard to come by. I'd give them a call first to make sure they even have one in stock.
Of course, there's always craigslist...
Ciclo Urbano has used bikes that have been reconditioned quite well. Most come with new tires, cables, housing and chains. Not the biggest selection, but quality bikes.

2459 W. Division
Tues - Thurs 12-8pm
Friday & Saturday 12-6pm
Sunday 12-5pm

They are also connected to West Town Bikes where you can learn bike maintenance and repair and do much of it yourself. Check them out at and


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