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Holy cow, right? I was not prepared for THAT on the commute home. My shoes are still wet.

At Augusta/Wood there was a parked ambulance, and right as I passed I noticed that the woman sitting in the ambulance was holding a bike helmet. She looked to be OK, but did anyone see anything happen at that intersection?

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I was getting off the train when the sky opened up. Got soaked from the knees down. My shoes are still propped up in front of a fan.

Healing thoughts to whoever that was in the ambulance at Augusta & Wood.

Soaked from the knees down only! You must have some effective weather gear, like David. Last night was the first time I really thought, wow, I need something like that. I was...just completely drenched in a way I haven't been in ages.

Before I left my wife had called me telling me that it was pouring at home. She was concerned.  I think she was disconcerted when I said, "Cool. Can't wait to ride home." I recently got a new waterproof breathable jacket, Columbia Outdry, and had been waiting to get a chance to use it. It has been bone dry in the few weeks since I got the jacket. Last night I joyfully rode home as water bounced off of me.  Being prepared goes a long way.  With the jacket, fenders and waterproof panniers I was a little kid riding home without a care in the world.


Wow. Jealous. :)

1st off, I hope that ambulance rider's ok.

 I got caught in it- big time and far from home. Lots of flooding around intersections so I rode several miles on the deserted sidewalks of the far NW side. Extra careful in rush hour but the bike needed a wash anyway, so...

I had an errand to run around 4:00.  And my garden really, really needed some rain.  So, I went out without my rain gear, just tempting fate to get rained on.  And it worked!  I managed to dodge the worst of it while I was shopping, got a little wet, cooled off, and came home to half an inch of rain in the rain gauge!

1/2" of rain on your garden - nice! For all the drama we had, we got only 1/4". Could have used more.

But better than nothing under the circumstances!


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