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Any shops offering "while you wait" service during the slow season?

I've got a bike that just needs the brakes dissembled/cleaned/lubed, new pads, adjustment, etc.

Kind of need to keep it in my possession as it's currently my everyday bike.

While things are presumably slower, are there any shops that could get it turned around while I wait or bum around in the immediate area?

South of Belmont or so would be much preferred, and not too far off the Western Corridor would be really great.

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You could call Turin, they are at Damen/Lawrence  I realize it is a lil further north but they may be able to help you

Give us a ring to set-up a time & we'd be more than happy to accommodate.

Iron Cycles (which seems to be closed on Montrose) did this for me quite frequently.  It was a very friendly, customer service bike shop.  It's too bad they closed.

A lot of shops should be able to do it for you.  Give them a call and set up a time to do it just to be sure and almost any shop can do it for you.

If that is ALL that is needed. Most shop in the winter should be able to turn it around really quickly. You might want to find a shop & take it by for an estimate. You can then set up a time and they will be able to give you a more accurate time of how long it will take.

Thanks everyone...

I should have mentioned it pretty much needs to be a Saturday or a Sunday.

I'm well on my way to losing today waiting for an Appliance delivery.  Comrade closed tomorrow....I rarely make it out of work much before 6 on weekdays and I just don't have what it takes to pedal across town at at that time...

Looking to not make two trips.

Pedal to the people will come to you. Adam is way cool.

I've had a lot of stuff done same-day at Roscoe Village Bikes. Stuff like a tune-up obviously will take longer, but quick stuff like brake adjustment, wheel truing, etc. I've had done same-day. Usually I'll walk down the street and get food/coffee/beer.

Where would he do the work? There is no room here (otherwise I'd have one less reason not to do it myself.)

Ace Mann said:

Pedal to the people will come to you. Adam is way cool.

  Most shops, including ours, can accommodate these needs this time of year. One should be sure to have the bike assessed by the shop before the scheduled service just to make sure there is not a time consuming underlying problem, or that parts might need to be ordered.

  I have made the mistake of agreeing to quick turn around time in the past, only to find out halfway through the service that matters have gotten more complicated.  I.E. dismantling a part for repair and having it disintegrate for one reason or another, and not having a satisfactory replacement on hand.  


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