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I've heard good things about Wike trailers. Does anyone here have any experience with their box bike? I'm interested in a box bike for hauling around a child and associated stuff, so I'd be especially interested to hear from anyone who's used it with very young passengers. The price is right on the Wike box bike, but I can't find any reviews of it online, and I am wondering what the tradeoff is for the low price.

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I don't know much about that brand but it looks like a nice bike. I paid a lot more for my bullit by Harry vs Larry and it didn't come with a factory made box with a seat. I do think that having only 3 speeds is a little limiting. I have a triple crankset and 9 speeds in the back. I don't usually change front rings but i like having a lot of options in the back since I carry other stuff besides my daughter in the front. It allows me to fine tune my gearing which I think is important on such heavy bikes.



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