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Any idea when/where this vintage bike race photo was taken?

Anyone know or have a guess when/where this picture was taken? I found the poster in a computer surplus closet at UIC and it now adorns my living room. Only clue is that someone wrote "80" on the back. It's pretty epic! 

stupid computer glare going on in this one: 

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Based solely on the tube sock, I'm going to say 1982.

Based on the helmet mix of leather hairnets and the hard plastic I would say your pretty darn close, 83-84 the helmets started to be styrofoam with a cloth net over em

That was more like '79 William Hale on the outside... he was never the same after Christine Jensen (on the inside) beat him in that and three subsequent races. He could never live it down but was a heralded bike messenger until he passed away drunk in 2 inches of water in 1999. She went on to win several more races inspiring Demitri Millovich to design some of the most innovative composite frames for Lance Armstrong. That's Jimmy something-or-other in between them strung out on mushrooms or acid or something... never realized he won the race but continued on to Florida where he lives to this day. 

Let's solve this mystery!

Hmmm. Hay bales, the original Bell Shell helmet, what looks like a Kunoh sportscap and assorted hairnets and hockey helmets put the photo around 1974, '75... Can't place the geography, so the city is a mystery. The rider on the left (green/white jersey) looks at a glance just a little like Debbie Bradley -woman's US road champ and often seen racing in men's cat 3 events around then. One fellow -the guy in 4th-looks like one of the Palazzo bros -local lads from the old West Suburban Wheelmen (my old club, BTW and founded by the Vande Veldes -yes, those VandeVeldes.)


c.1975, Midwest, probably a cat 3 crit... my best guess. Maybe the Old Town Criterium?

Thanks for all the input! Sock and helmet technology sure has progressed since then.

I assumed this was taken in Chicago but it's a good point that that may not be the case. The framing of the picture (not the literal frame but the composition, I mean) is odd but endearing. When I get really tired at night, I swear this picture takes on a weird 3D effect...

When I was a kid they used to have these races downtown.  I specifically remember seeing (live) a nasty spill involving a whole bunch of cyclist on a turn on to Michigan ave.  I would guess the time would be 1980ish.  Perhaps during the "breaking away" movie era.

Hey, is that you in a Windy City Wheelmen's jersey? If so, we were team mates once. i rode the Boul Mich in '78... i was terrible... out the back in two.


rb said:

Milwaukee, one of the Superweek series races? We used to call it "Stuporweek" -9 or 10 days of racing just before Nats. Half the roadies in the US would be there.

Cameron Puetz said:

The parking ramp sort of looks like this corner in Milwaukee, but the skyline seems a bit off. I don't know if there were ever races there:,-87.897363...

Looking closer, those do look like Juniors (15-17yrs.)

I wouldn't know the year, but that you found it at UIC, I think, is a big clue to it's location.  This looks very much like the corner of Taylor and Halsted, looking northeast.  The skyline has changed a little, but the parking garage is a ringer.


Also, the pale blue police barricades are telltale Chicago. 


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