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I haven't heard much talk...maybe I missed it...of the new two-way lanes going in on the east side of Clinton, south of Randolph...From Randolph, looks like is stretches at least a few blocks. The lanes are painted. Looks like some guys were installing new traffic signals today (I'm guessing with bike signals). All near the Ogilvie train station. Looks pretty impressive for the short distance it seems to go.

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I don't expect them to do anything that needs to be dug up, but some white paint in the designated route would have been nice.  They striped north of Randolph without finishing that portion of the project, and it doesn't look like it was too expensive.

Took the contraflow (northbound) lane for the first time this morning.  Every single block was obstructed by at least one vehicle or a pedestrian who didn't look left.  For example, when I entered the lane at Jackson, I promptly was met by a parked post office truck blocking both lanes.  Hopefully there will be some enforcement / education effort by the city at some point.


As previously noted, north of Randolph is still barricaded and unpainted.  This is problematic because Randolph is a one-way going west so, when you reach the surprise end of the line, you have no legal way to continue north or east into the Loop, the two most probable directions of travel.  If you go around the barricades to Lake, then you can take that east, but that part of Lake is particularly bad for bicycles.


I'll have to remember to turn east on Washington and then, I guess, north on Wacker. 

Don't hold your breath for enforcement.  It does not happen on Dearborn.  And USPS trucks are frequent offenders.

Second trip today, since it's nice out and I wasn't in a hurry this morning.  There were TWO trucks parked blocking the entire lane this time, including the same USPS truck parked in what I guess is her regular space in front of Union Station.  At least 6 pedestrians stood in the lane without looking left or right; too busy staring at cellphones and whatnot.


The barricade at Randolph has been moved aside, but north of there remains unpainted and looks like it needs to be resurfaced.

Your experience is different from mine. Have not seen a car parked in it in the last two weeks or so. The occasional pedestrian, yea but less than I would expect. Overall I am impressed by the functioning of it.

If only they could finalize the two blocks at the North end....

Seems they didn't quite plan some parts of this project properly....

From the article:

“Well this is obviously mismanagement,” said Ken Roseman. “They have no idea what they’re doing and they couldn’t figure out how to do it. What do they always say? Measure twice and cut once.”

Glad they got this spot-on quote from man-about-town, Ken Roseman!  I can only wistfully dream CDOT had put the pre-eminent Mr. Roseman in charge.

My experiences in the last two weeks have been poor. USPS truck parked in, pedestrians willy-nilly stepping into the lane without looking, taxis picking up drivers. And I only need it for a few blocks (now that the Canal lane is gone). I think putting it right next to Ogilvie was a poor decision - there are just too many pedestrians there.

If they could fence in the sidewalk side that might make it safer for everyone! I much preferred Canal to Clinton.

They finally repainted the crooked lanes by Ogilvie last night.

The Clinton street bike lanes look complete even with riders using it despite the barricades. What gives?

Seems like they measured incorrectly? Originally, one side was wider than the other. They just recently added a new green strip on the west side of the bike lane to make it the proper width/to even it out. They just added a white stripe on that edge in the last day or redo the one they covered up when they widened it the second time around. They seem to be slowly putting finishing touches on it. It is quite popular, even though bikers are having to go around the barricades at the ends. 

Hah, and the picture they chose for it features a Divvy in the wrong lane.



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