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I rode by around 8:15. Things went from bad to awful to the worst when I saw the police cars, then bike still in the street, then the tarp. Seems similar to the cyclist killed on Western not long ago, both traveling in the same direction with a large truck turning right.

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This saddens me so much. I take that route occasionally but for the grace of God that could have been me.  

I didn't know her but from the article she seemed like a person full of life and committed to helping others.

Fellow bikers, as an added precaution do  not pass trucks on the right near intersections, even if they are not signalling a turn.  Maintain your distance!

Just so incredibly sad.  I've ridden through there plenty of times myself, and the "could've been me" thought has crossed my mind as well.

As to your point about passing trucks, I couldn't agree more.  Also, I saw this on the news last night.  Kudos to this guy for actually making an attempt to change his drivers' behavior and improve their visibility, as well as actual helpful suggestions.

It is a positive change what this owner is doing, but seeing him installing this added-visibility-mirror, you wonder why it had to take the loss of life to prompt him to do so. The trucking industry in this country is far behind others regarding mandated safety issues.

This WGN article also had the GoFundme page posted to help Anastasia's family with funeral costs.

Every little bit helps, although cameras would help more, along with those side shields.

This may be a helpful video about positioning yourself in an intersection while cycling around trucks.

So very sad :(

10-4-16 Mother of Anastasia Kondrasheva filed suit today.

Loyola University's 'Phoenix' Newspaper reports;
"City cyclists remain unhappy with current commute laws"
Anastasia Kondrasheva was a fellow Loyola University grad from 2015.


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