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So I got an android phone, not looking for anything complicated, just a tap and record for mileage.  Years ago I used a notebook and an odometer but when the odometer broke I stopped.  When co-workers ask how much I cycle I say "couple thousand miles a year" which really isn't hard, 10 miles a day on average isn't much when just back and forth to work is 6. Add in trips to the store, around town, here and there a few grand is pretty common I think for cyclists. Anyway....

Oh, free preferred. Thanks. Though if there was a map feature that would just overlay routes on top of each other and I could see my cycling sprawl that might be interesting too. 


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I just started using the Google app My Tracks.  It tracks route, distance, speed, and duration; and it will export kmz's.

I've used SportsTrack Pro, which isn't free but is very detailed. You can also use Google My Tracks ( which is free, but Google hasn't updated it in quite a while. Google Fit ( will probably replace it, it's a more generic app which tracks steps, miles biked, etc. It's nice that you don't even have to tell it when you start or stop biking, but I've found it to be inaccurate sometimes (tracks a bike trip as partly walked, for example), and it gives different details than those in My Tracks. I expect Fit will evolve most if not all the features currently in My Tracks, and My Tracks will get killed off in favor of Fit.

I've used Endomondo and found it to be reasonably accurate.

There are a ton of free options...

I have used My Tracks in the past.

I currently use Ride with GPS.

It is simple to use and if you ever want to do more advance data collection, it supports nearly every sensor out there.

I use it with a Polar HR Monitor, Speed and Cadence sensor, and more recently an external display for feedback during the ride. Though, you don't need any of these sensors to use the program. 


Strava is probably the best, but I'll never know because it requires a monthly subscription that I refuse to pay. I've heard really good things about "Runtastic Road Bike". There's a free version and a version that's $5 for premium features, which I plan on buying after using the free version for a little bit. I'll be testing it out as soon as our tornado warning lets up lol. 

Sorry, I should've been more specific. For Strava to actually matter, you have to pay the subscription fee. It keeps track of those things you listed, yes but it will not give you live turn by turn navigation on queue. You have to go to their website, program a specific route in and then pull it up on your phone. Too much hassle. If I'm on the road and wanna map a new route, I can't. That's why I wouldn't use it. But that's just me I suppose.

True enough. If he isn't looking for turn-by-turn gps, then yes, strava is great. Otherwise, you've gotta search elsewhere. 

For Turn-by-turn I usually use regular Google Maps Navigation, it has worked well for me for years...

Strava, My Tracks or Endomondo will all do pretty much the same thing as free versions. I use Endomondo mainly because someone else recommended it but they all work pretty much the same. Here's a sample of the information you get:

The altitude's kind of iffy, as is anything calculated off it like calories and such. I just use it to track routes and actual days on the bike.



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