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I thought this group might like to see what's going on in our community in Michigan.


From Article:

One of the dubious benefits of being a legendary eccentric bicycling around a Midwestern town, is the opportunity to shape the future, or at least attend and witness other people do real things of substance.   Sometimes I wonder why anybody even shares these events with me, but they do.  One of the privileges for which I was volunteered is the Citizen's Advisory Committee to the Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study (KATS).  (The longer the title the less meaningful the position)  The committee doesn't do a whole lot except comment on the work and proposals of KATS.

This time around they have hit a home run or scored a bike polo goal or something.  They have finished several years of study and developed a non-motorized solution to our problems.  Found on their website,is an extensive document which outlines a detailed revision of the city streets including their best choices for non-motorized accommodations.  There are pages and pages of details but the most impressive part is the executive summary which explains the methodology and process by which they reached their conclusions.

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For it's size, it will be a good study to see if they really carry out these plans and how well this integrated system works. I wish them well.



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