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I've been close to installing my window units several times now, but then we cool off and things are reasonably bearable again with windows and a box fan.  Looks like we're supposed to get back down into the 70s in a few days . . .

Who all's getting by without AC, and who plans to do so through the summer?

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Agreed with both Tony and Anne. :)

The main sounds I hear from either side of my home, that I now don't,  are the neighbors' window units :-)

I bought an air conditioner 3 years ago and have used it twice. I enjoy hearing the L (grew up with that sound), buses and even the ambulances. 'Tis the city with all its unique sounds and makes me feel connected to it. And love the fresh air whether humid or not. 

A good attitude! :)

I love my air conditioner. Especially during this ......-Humid-Heat.

I have 3 units, but have yet to install them. It cools down so much at night that I end up putting a light blanket on me! Go figure!!!

I've been in my unairconditioned condo for almost 6 years now. Finally broke down and got a window AC unit. Kicking myself I didn't do it sooner! I still use ceiling fans, though.

I'm too old to put up with barely-livable when it comes to environmental comfort when I sleep, so I always put the window unit in my bedroom eventually every summer. This summer I didn't need it until late July, though. The rest of my apartment is fine - it retains heat rather well (good thing in the winter) but intelligent use of ceiling fans and opening/closing windows leaves it comfortable. Bizarrely, my bedrooms are the only rooms in the place that do not have ceiling fans. I've spent enough nights in the past unable to sleep because of stifling heat and humidity that I will always air-condition my bedroom. It's only set to 74, but God does it feel good!

Heat is the #1 weather related killer in this country ! Please treat it seriously. Many have succumbed in the recent past in Chicago because they didn't think it was a threat. Be especially careful if you are on blood pressure medications during these uncomfortable hot humid days. Stay hydrated (avoid alcohol) and consult with your heath care professional if you have questions. Different people tolerate types of weather differently. Take care of yourself & your health during hot weather. And yes, use your air conditioner.
I'm now inside hugging my air conditioner during this Horrid-Humid-Heat ! This IS the end of it? Right?

Fingers crossed. This morning when I went from the air conditioned portion of the Metra car to the vestibule, my glasses fogged up. That's been happening a lot in this steam marathon.


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