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How often does this happen to everyone? You’re cycling through an intersection and a car is waiting to turn left and right as you clear them they are practically turning into your rear wheel. What the hell is up with that?

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They want you to know that your presence on the street annoys them.  Streets are for cars, not for people!

That intersection is one of my biggest pet peeves. I have called the local alderman about it asking for police enforcement. Someone is going to get killed there and the officers who frequently patrol that corner don't seem to care. If only people were getting ticketed for bad driving like they are for bad parking! Might change some behaviors.

I live near the Irving Park underpass, one of the worse and unsafest entrances to the LFP. You have left turning vehicles that rarely give you the right of way (while entering through the sidewalk) even though the walking signal is on. If you decide to enter on the street side, you're forced to be sandwiched between LSD cars and exiting and entering, with no ramp to access the path. You could turn left mirroring the car traffic, but it's just not safe. Terrible terrible design, then on top of that you have to be careful entering the path because there's the hill where bikes could be potentially flying downhill. I like the Buena underpass, but it would set me back at least 5 minutes each way.

It's your world, but if the intersection is so dicey that it's unsafe, 5 minutes extra travel time ain't much.


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