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Hi collective wisdom,

I'm interested in pedicabbing this summer. How would one start? Are there companies to avoid? Has anyone gotten their own license, etc. and, if so, what went into it? What's the money like? How flexible is scheduling? How competitive is the industry?


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I guess we don't have any pedicabber's in the chainlink org. :-(

Sorry you didn't get any responses. If you give it a shot it would be interesting to hear about your experience. As far as "scheduling," I would assume you set your own schedule, but what do I know...

I used to live with a guy about ten years ago who was a pedicab rider. I know he rented a cab from someone, only on days when he wanted. He was pretty okay at it. Didn't make a ton of cash, but also didn't ever have a negative day for his rental fee. Not sure who he rented from or the cost of it. 

Also, almost two years ago, I saw a guy fighting one of the pedicab drivers. I went to go separate, but my wife told me to stop. Instead I held on to the pedicab while the guy chased the assailant down. A few days later, the guy who was trying to fight him got arrested for stabbing someone



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