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Looking for some tips regarding the transition to a carfree lifestyle. I am considering selling the big hunker (its a tiny Toyota Scion actually but still) and would like to hear about your experiences. Do you use IGO or Zip? What do you think of them? Any regrets?

I need some support right now, I'm on the fence, and its cold snowy out.

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now that your carfree, which bike will keep your drier, prebike canopy, or post bike canopy, see jillnerkowski, memberchainlink
Hey hey! Awesome, Julie! Welcome to sweet, sweet freedom (and more CASH!). :-)
Julie went carfree, and so can you! (Book deal right there!)

maybe the party can have the theme of 'doing things you can't do without a car, without a car.' altho if there's alcohol involved, it would be more like 'see how much safer it is to do this while drunk, without a car.'

or have a business casual bike ride where we all 'dress up' for the ride - which also promotes bike commuting.

my car has been in my garage undriven for about 8 weeks. two weeks ago, i tried to go somewhere by car, but my battery was dead. i ended up not going. no big deal.

Julie Hochstadter said:
that is the exact reason the party will not be at my house (maybe the afterparty if you are lucky...)

M.A.R.K. said:
Does car free party mean free beer party? I look forward to peeing in your sinks.

Julie Hochstadter said:
It's done! No more the calendar for the car(e)free party!!!!
Haha, no, sold it . . . let it sit on its rims somewhere else.

h3 said:
Michael J Blane said:
My last car was a 1985 Fiero. Just kinda stopped using it and have been car-free for nearly 20 years.
It is pretty much a doable thing from anywhere in the city. As much as we all grouse about the CTA, it's there and it (mostly) works.
You can do it!
(Picturing a car sitting in front of your house on rims, covered with parking tickets and bird's nests)
Congratulations on being car free! Welcome to the car free club. (might have to start a ning network for that)


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