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Hello everyone!
   I looked and couldn't find anything on this, but if there was and I missed it I apologize.

   Any who, I just got something from Rails-to-Trails Conservancy about H.R. 4722, the "Active Community Transportation Act of 2010"(click to read about it) and although I know its not exactly a Chicago based thing I just thought it would be cool if the Chicago cycling community could help the rest of the nation by urging their reps to support this act.

Jackson and Gutierrez (both Reps for Chicago districts area are on board), but there are still a few more who's votes are important. so yeah... Read about it, think about it and hopefully act on it and call or send a message to your rep to support this thing :-) (click to urge your rep via interweb) (same as the very first link)
(learn about your rep)

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AWESOME!!! i did it!


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