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I've been looking at camera options for a while, but really don't want to drop $$$ for a GoPro. Looking at the Fly6 for a rear camera, but still debating all the handlebar/helmet mounted options. So far, this is the leader: Any advice on better options? Was hoping for more of a cylinder type to side mount on my helmet.

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Check out the Xiaomi Yi Cam. Saw fairly good reviews about it.

I'm a cheapskate. I use an Ion Air Pro that I got for about $25. It does the trick. Only problem is once it's dusk you can't get a clear reading on license plates.

I've been using : which currently is $39.99 . It comes with a bunch of accessories as well as an extra battery but needs a memory card. - $9.99

It's a decent setup for under $60.

Thanks for all the recos.


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