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This is my first time using Chainlink and I'm very impressed with what it has to offer. The bike accident I was just in on Monday night lead me to Chainlink from a dear close friend who told me I should join and share.

I'm here to share the accident with fellow Chicago bikers incase anyone has any advice or information on the accident. Also for safety reasons and awareness. On Monday night around 9:40pm. 12/19/16 I was biking home from work on Diversey with my front and rear lights on. I looked to see if any cars were coming before I moved over to the left lane and put my left hand signal out, in attempt to make a left turn onto Logan Blvd. right in front of Diversey Bowl. It appeared no cars were coming what so ever. As soon as I was making my way to the left lane, a car from behind comes out of no where and rear ends me that had sent me flying off my bike. In pure shock, I crawled over to the side of the curb so I wouldn't get hit by any other cars that were coming. I was then shortly rushed to the hospital. While waiting for the ambulance, it appeared the driver did get out of the car to see what was going on, but was no help what so ever. 

As soon as I was in the ambulance I asked if the police were here to talk to the driver and do a police report. They said the police were on the way and that I should not worry. The police then of course were late to the scene due to confusion from another accident that was on the same street that was a few minutes away. This gave the driver who hit me the time to drive off and no police report from them. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN TALKED TO BY ANYONE AND EVERYONE AROUND THE SCENE! I need any witness that I can get.

I would love any information on how to proceed and or ANY advice on how to report or find a driver who hits and runs. Or maybe you have a story yourself that you would like to share. 


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I'm sorry to hear about your crash - I'm glad you were not hurt any worse.

I go through that intersection regularly, though I seldom make that turn (I am usually going straight across on Diversey.) When I do need to make that turn, often I will make a sort of box turn, and wait to cross Diversey either when the driveway from the townhomes has a green light, or when Logan has a green light.


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