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Hello, I am a new comer here from Japan. Nice to meet you.^^ Anyway, let me introduce myself a bit. I have been riding my Japanese bicycle with a special front child seat, personally called "mama bicycle" for over five years. (I am also writing about the bicycle on my blog "mama bicycle" )  I really appreciate it because my daughters and I have been to everywhere using it although the destination is always within thirty minutes. Of course, many mother and also fathers ( in fact fathers sometimes) ride such kind of well family friendly bicycles in Japan. I will be glad if more mothers and fathers outside Japan will try it with their children.

By the way, I have often heard that many mothers in the US feel scary if they happen to ride bicycles especially with their children. Is it seriously true? I would like to discuss about the use of the bicycle. Of course, I think it is not easy for American to start to try it soon.^^

Anyway,I would like to show my bicycle and many other ones. Thank you for readingSN3I2164.JPGSN3I2077.JPGSN3I2097.JPG

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Thank you for your reply. I will read some entries or forums here. Anyway, I think I enjoyed here.

H3N3 said:
shuichi, I think it's great that you found this forum and the way you found it is nice. I was only trying to explain how you came here since many or most users don't read every discussion and there seemed to be some confusion.

shuichi.kobayashi said:
Hi H3N3 I am back here third times.^^ Ah, I am not familiar with doing things like other members here usually post or create their opinions here. I plan to feel free to create my forum here about mama bicycle. If you have some advice for me please teach me.



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