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I had a broken tooth (leading to complication and surgery) break my #30daysofbiking landing me in rest and recovery mode. Been told to take it easy too. So, I won’t be able to ride down for a second trip to see the cherry blossoms and I’m bummin’

Any chance all of you could please do me a favor? My painkillers aren’t totally squashing the pain so can you please distract me with spring ride photos, anecdotes of your riding adventures, share your plans for riding season, &/or your funniest riding stories... Please :-)

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sweet bike. Is it yours?

Monday and Tuesday were 3 speed days:

perfect! I love a good 3-speed day on my linus wearing a dress. Just feels fancy.

Funny biking story: I was biking the trail that goes west from Joliet. Somewhere near Channahon or Morris maybe. A section of the trail had a sign that said it was closed. I did not heed the sign, and I proceeded. Eventually a big riding tractor was coming toward me. I stopped and moved to the right, still straddling my bike. But to the right of the trail was a steep slope downward. I lost my balance and fell down the slope to the right, landing on my right side. But the momentum carried my bike, OVER my body, until I was lying on my LEFT side, still clutching my bike.

I was unharmed but it was embarrassing and served me right.

Is the bike ok?

Wishing you good healing.



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