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A bike ride for justice: ‘We all have to work together for peace in this city’

As Usher’s hit single “Yeah!” blared through the speakers, groups of people on bikes gathered near Columbus Park to rally through the Austin, Oak Park and Maywood neighborhoods Sunday morning to call for justice and peace across the city.

The event, organized by Illinois state Rep. La Shawn Ford, also sought to bring awareness to the 2020 census, specifically on Chicago’s West Side. Tables with free masks, T-shirts and informational materials about the census were set up throughout the park. Several people danced to the “Cupid Shuffle” and stretched for the bike ride, expected to go up to 13 miles, according to organizers.

“We’re riding for justice, and we’re riding to boost the census,” Ford said. “We all have to work together for peace in this city.”

Lyft provided free Divvy bikes for the bike rally, and around 100 people joined the event.

State Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch spoke about the need for the community to mobilize and use the census to better their communities.

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As stated in another thread - I'm a firm believer that in these times, in this city, biking is a political statement.

More productive than riding a horse down the Ryan to assert that Kids' Lives Matter


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