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Hello.  Looking for Shimano Dura Ace 8-speed downtube shift levers.  They would be from around 1992.  Grey-colored.  The left lever is spring-assisted and is offset from the downtube to facilitate one-handed shifting.  I know someone's gotta have a pair lurking in their archives somewhere.  Any old-time mechanics out there?  I know you guys are scavengers (I know, I used to be one).

Also, Dura Ace non-STI aero brake levers.  They were made for a year or two max.  



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I have a set of aero levers, but they are part of a DA 7400 group destined for a build. Can't help with 8-speed shifters. If you don't get any hits here, you might check with the C&V forum over on There is an active ISO/WTB thread (maybe pinned).

Ooooh you can't tease me like that! Just say you don't have aero levers and leave it at that.  

Thank you for the bikeforums suggestion though.  I guess that makes up for it.  

Sorry to tease. In my experience, it's difficult to find those levers with hoods in decent shape, and to the best of my knowledge there are no reproduction hoods available. Shimano has always had a tendency to make subtle, incompatible, changes to their components, which in the case of brake levers means that hoods tend not to fit across multiple product lines or across time in the same line.



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