Slightly off-topic, but I've got some cross-country skis and was thinking of hitting the 606 this weekend. How's the snow cover at the moment? Or anyone else know of good trails I can get to via Metra? 

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The 606 was nearly totally clear of snow this morning. 

Thanks. I might just try the lakefront. Best public transit option I could find is 2 hours each way, and I'd still need a $10 Lyft ride to get to the trailhead. 

No skis on Metra? Boooo. 

Weird, Metra doesn't permit skis? Even in the luggage storage area on the upper level of the train? That's really strange.

Yeah, I know. But then it's Metra, so it's whatever the hell the conductor feels like that day. Ended up renting a car and going out to the Indiana Dunes. Really nice spot. Only fell 4 times. 

At least you got there somehow, and got to ski. Yeah, the operating rules for commuter trains can be odd at times(i.e. the prohibition of NICTD/South Shore in not letting bikers get off the train at low level stations, for their pilot bike program). You'd think Metra and NICTD would want to find a way to permit skis to be taken on the train, though!

If you hold them upright, they don't even take up any room!  They fit on the bus just fine. Got some weird looks from people on the #81. 

Went running on the 606 between Leavitt and Wood on Saturday and Sunday--was impressed how clean it was!

The Des Plaines River trail can be accessed by CTA, bus, and Metra. Or, you can ski at any of the city golf courses.

of course, you can always strap your skis to your top tube and ride to a trailend

I hit up the Marovitz course Tuesday PM. It was pretty nice. Though trying to go down Cricket Hill was a big mistake.  I don't ride in the salt, too lazy to change out my drivetrain and no storage space for a beater. 

Thank you! I'll pick up a ski bag for next season. 


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