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Transportation Commissioner Gia Biagi revealed the giveaway at the City Club of Chicago. No details were provided; a department spokeswoman said the city will “co-design the program in partnership with community organizations over the next year,”

Chicago will distribute 5,000 free bicycles, helmets, locks and lights to promote “sustainable modes of transportation” and bolster its reputation as a cycling city, a top mayoral aide said Thursday.

Chicago Transportation Commissioner Gia Biagi revealed that plan — but no details — in a speech to the City Club of Chicago, where she talked about her love of cycling and about the city’s goal to help Chicagoans who may not own a bike or even know how to ride one.

Biagi called it a “community cycling strategy.” It’s aimed at developing bike routes that acknowledge the reality of “everyday life” in Chicago neighborhoods.

“While we have done and will continue to do a ton of work in developing those commuter routes — getting to work and back — we realized that if we want to become the best big city for cycling in the country, if we want every one of us to spend time on a bike — and we do want that — we need to make biking a part of everyday life,” Biagi said.

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