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Alderman Michelle Smith stated in her newsletter that there will be bike stings in her ward this summer.  Next week, there will be an "enforcement event" at Halsted and Diversey.  I already sent an email through the 43rd ward website expressing my displeasure.

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Take Pine Grove.

So, when they conduct this "sting", will they be playing Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer"??  Dear Lord, I hope to hell not.

Personally, one of my goals is to start a "pedestrian's rights" group.
I write that as a passionate driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist and pedestrian.
As a motorcyclist, I wear an armored jacket and full-face helmet, gloves, boots, etc.
As a bicyclist, I wear gloves and a helmet.
As a additional safety gear.
The statistics of pedestrians getting hit by cars is something like that 90% of them are "Hit and Runs." That is a felony for the driver and makes the survival of the pedestrian even less likely.

I'm not sure which mode of transportation is the most dangerous but I'm leaning towards simply being a pedestrian. Idiots are everywhere and almost all of them drive a car occasionally.

Let's encourage EVERYONE to take personal responsibility AND consider the needs and safety oof others, if that's at all possible.

As for bike stings, I'd much rather see bike thieves cleaning up roadways and bike baths.



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