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$4.75 Million Donation for Repair of Lakefront Trail, Information on the Reopening

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin is donating $4.75 million to repair portions of Chicago's Lakefront Trail damaged by weather and rising water levels as the city's iconic landmark prepares to reopen.
"The donation was initiated in April, Lightfoot's office said, and has enabled repaving of damaged parts of the pedestrian and bike paths while the trail was closed to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.
Additionally, beaches and parks east of Lake Shore Drive will continue to remain closed, the news release stated. In an effort to monitor the volume of visitors, only around half of the access points to the lakefront will be open.

The Chicago Park District will install visible signage along the trail to remind people of the "keep it moving" policy, and so-called "Social Distancing Ambassadors" will be stationed along the trail to educate the public and help manage the flow of traffic.

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There should be a system where people who make more than others, give a part of their income for public infrastructure.  We could even have a special department of the government that would collect the money every year. 

I'm thinking Revenue Department... no, maybe Collections..., no, ummm.  Help me out, people.

It's nice that Mr. Griffin would voluntarily make such a donation.  OTOH, it's quite a statement about our city and society that we must depend on the kindness of strangers for maintenance of our most highly used bike infra.

Damn straight.

Has anyone seen anything about when the section from North Avenue to Ohio Street will reopen?
Hoping that this isn't a summer-long project.

How's the flyover coming along?


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