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Jerome McDonnell, the host of WBEZ's Worldview, is hosting another Bike Commuter Challenge preview show today at 12 noon on 91.5FM. He's again invited team leaders from all the companies that have won (ie, beat WBEZ) our category in the last three years, which is me (from Old Town School) and the folks at Center for Neighborhood Technology. We'll be back on with him today along with Working Bikes mechanics and Brian Morrissey from the Active Transportation Alliance. Tune in! Send me some good smack to talk! Sign your company up for the Bike Commuter Challenge - starts on Saturday 6/8!

It came to fisticuffs in the studio in 2011:

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I'll be tuning in, Sarah!!!

How did it go Sarah? Any fisticuffs this time? Is there a podcast?

No fisticuffs -  really nice conversation, though. Brian did a great job, and we were all put to shame by the support the Burke group gives its cycling employees. There were a lot of people there - bikes being tuned up in the studio with us in the background. 

Here's the link with Soundcload audio - it's about 25 minutes:



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