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Nice addition!  Vid from yesterday:

Anyone know when it is to be completed and how far north it will go? I think I heard Montrose. Currently it is from Belmont to Grace.

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Haven't seen a map but put 2572 W Belmont Ave in your GPS and that should get you there. You're on old path for a bit going north from Belmont.  Enter from Belmont sidewalk on the east bank of river.  Or if you want to start from North end and ride south, start from California and Grace and go over to east side of tennis courts.

Oooh thanks! I was wondering where it was, also!

Thanks! Can I access the trail (bridge) from Melrose/Rockwell via Roscoe, or do I have to go down to Belmont?

You can connect with bridge via the trails/park paths in Clark Park to the west of Rockwell/Melrose.

I was curious as well, so went exploring yesterday. Here's my totally not-Google-approved map.

Also, there is a similar bridge nearing completion just north of Lincoln between Kedzie and the trail on the west side of the river. When I went by yesterday, the concrete on the bridge itself was curing. The approaches had yet to be paved.

Saweeettt!!! Thanks for the rudiment drawings! LOL

This helps a ton.

No problem. Nobody ever accused me of being an artist, so rudimentary is about the pinnacle of the craft for me. :-)

Anyone know how we'd get one or more of the mapping systems to officially incorporate these two bridges into their maps? The Navy Pier flyover nears completion as well. My guess is it will generate a small tweak to the maps.

Oh man, that is a great question on how it can be updated!

The only pertinent information I found is from this link:

By either user submission to report an error or by government official.

Is there a plan for the south end of this mini trail system? I rode it this morning from north to south on the way to the loop. Did it out of curiosity and because California was closed for construction just north of Irving Park Rd, so I was over on the east side of the street to get around that already. I accessed the thing via the park paths at the southeast corner of California and Irving Park. Besides the new bridge part, it is existing park paths that could use some work. At the south end, there is a crappy narrow bit that spits you out unceremoniously onto the sidewalk on the north side of Belmont, mid-block with a tall curb and four busy traffic lanes to navigate. It might be better to rejoin the streets at Rockwell/Melrose just north of Belmont by the boathouse in Clark Park. If you are going towards the loop, you can get over to the Clybourn bike lane from there okay. If you do not like Clybourn, you could back track for a second by going west on Belmont (after descending the curb or riding the sidewalk) to Rockwell to Elston. A path (as opposed to sidewalk) connection with crossing islands between the end at Belmont and Rockwell would be useful - kind of like the "connection" across Lawrence between Manor and the trail in Ronan Park. I am not sure this is something I will use regularly when commuting but it has some potential, especially once the Irving Park bridge part is done. Finally, I am not a fan of the rusted metal aesthetic of the support structure. Why does it have to look dilapidated from day 1?

I am not a fan of the rusted metal aesthetic of the support structure. Why does it have to look dilapidated from day 1?

It is likely weathering steel (a/k/a COR-TEN), which does not require painting.

I can definitely appreciate the material's utility and potential cost effectiveness. Though the look is not my favorite, I am already over it. Looking forward to more connections on both ends and more frequent detours into the adjacent dirt jumps.



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