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2 Schwinn Bikes for sale: '77 Deluxe Twinn (MINT): '71 19" Breeze

'77 Deluxe Twinn: $650 w brooks grips, $550 with original grips

This bike is in near mint condition, looks like a museum piece. All original. New tires and brake pads. I also have the original grips. Zero rust, zero dents, barely a scratch on it. This bike is crazy beautiful. Single speed coaster brake w front hand brake. cared for by a professional mechanic in a dust and moisture free environment.

'71 19" Schwinn Breeze: $175

This bike is in excellent shape. New tires, tubes, brake pads, otherwise all original. No rust or dents on fenders. Paint is in great shape except for some wear near the head tube from brake housing rub. Wheels are true and round with very little rust. Perfect for the ladies!


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More images and info available upon request.

Buuuuuump :)

Black Racer sold

Price drop bump. Also I have the Brooks 135 for sale: $150

Posted these too late in the season last year but I'm getting ahead this year. These are amazing bikes but I have run out of room in our building so these have to go.

Very nice! I'll highlight them in the next email (on Thursday). :-)

Bumpity bump

These bikes are soo beautiful!!! 

Ryan, would you be interested in renting/lending the bike for a day or weekend in July (if it's not sold by then)? I recently made a new friend who is very visually impaired. She hasn't been on a bike since she was really little (that is, before she lost her vision). I was telling her about my bike adventures and realized that the only way she could experience riding a bike now would be on a tandem, so I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen! Thanks!

Is the Breeze still available?


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