I have two bikes whose back tires are flat and need new tires. Also a general look over for both, bakes etc. Is their anyone with these skills and the need for a little money - available to come to my place to fix both? I live in the most NE corner of Chicago.

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Hi Phyllis,

Welcome to the Chainlink. Glad to have you aboard. My husband can probably help you with your bikes. his name is Tony and you can reach him @ 847-902-5668 (cell). He is Buddaa38 on the Chainlink. This is a great place to keep up with what is happening in the cycling community. Enjoy!

Hi Welcome to the chainlink! I would look at your bikes whenever. Thanks Tony

Hey Tony, the back tire on my bike just blew out. I think I'd over-inflated it. I'm guessing that I should probably get a new tube, but I'm not sure where to go. It's a pretty nice vintage Schwinn, but I bought it for $35 so I'm hoping to find a pretty cheap option. Hope you can give me some good tips. :) Thanks!

Also Adam Clark has a mobile bike shop called Pedaltothepeople.com who might also be able to help you.


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