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i was talking to a bar manager on clark right by the field, and he told me that the police will be removing bikes locked to meters! its in the works, and he was telling me that to pick it up you have to pay a fine..something about taking up sidewalk space...just be careful. i would hate for these pigs and the city to get our money with yet more parking tickets!

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Very cool, thanks for the responses. My wife loves her new bike so much she's riding it to today's game, and y'all are helping me not freak out too much about it. It's not a Litespeed, but it is nicer than anything I ride.
I have used the bike valet at Wrigley, and I would say that it is safer to use the valet than it is to leave your bike locked to a meter or fence anywhere else in Wrigleyville, ESPECIALLY if you have a nice bike.
I have also used the bike valet several times with several bikes. Never had a problem, but, I always take a picture of it just in case.

On a side note, the amount of areas to lock our bikes to is dissapering at a crazy rate. I find myself having a hard time finding a safe place to lock up now adays. Thanks a lot crook county and mayor d-bag for screwing the cyclists yet again. I'm sure the bike thieves are having a field day this summer.
yeah they watch your bike for free. i only know this because i went to a cubs/sox game at wrigley (go sox.) oh yeah and after said game, a cubs fan knocked me off my bike and told me "that's what you get for being a sox fan." charming.

Pete said:
Here we go!

It's free, but it's nice to tip. The attendants will watch your bike, no lock needed. And I was thinking the wrong intersection. Clark and Waveland is the closest.

Abby said:
Wow, I cant believe I may have to pay to park my bike...didnt think I would see the day that happened!
Think I can put that on my expense report?!?!
yes. a pedestrian street. clark should close down to cars for cubs games. that would be awesome.

evanK said:
Well, the city currently doesn't get any money from cyclists: I'm sure they're conniving lots of ways to do so. Which defeats the whole purpose of riding! It's freedom embodied!

Clark does get pretty crowded, I can almost understand where they're coming from...but maybe they should consider expanding the sidewalk and removing car parking. Or turning it into a ped mall...then that area would really get crazy.
Thanks for the heads up. I was told that you can call 311 and request bike racks to be installed since all of the parking meters are being removed - but I'm not surprised that the city is trying to make money in the process.


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