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Some friends of mine, local Chicagoans and starving artists, are embarking on a 2 month, 3200 mile journey to California and back. They left Chicago today. They have a support page on their website where, for as little as a $25 donation, you can receive some fun and wacky gifts in return, some of these gifts include: a fish hat, an unidentified family portrait, a 49% Share in a Riobi™ Compound Miter Saw, an Unlabeled VHS cassette circa 1996, and much more. Please consider helping them out...

from their website:
"The realization of such an ambitious project is going to require resources beyond what two ex-students have at their disposal. We are actively seeking assistance from our friends and family as well as anyone who sees the same potential in the project that we do and would like to help it become a reality. Our largest single expense is likely to be food, with lodging (the occasional camp ground fee or hostel stay) a distant second. Even on a shoestring budget of $35 per person per day, 50 days on the road brings our total operating costs to nearly $4,000. Additionally, we've acquired only some of the computer and video equipment we would ideally have along to make the kind of work we want to make.

Although financial support gives us the most flexibility, we’d also greatly appreciate equipment donations or loans. Drop us a line if you think you have something we can use. Finally, whenever possible we’d like to stay in people’s homes. This practice not only makes our nights on the road more comfortable and less costly, it gives us the opportunity to discuss the project with our hosts. If you (or someone you know) live along the route and would be willing to open your home to us, the hospitality and hot water would be greatly appreciated."

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Um, this. Is. Awesome. And the gifts are hilarious. I can't find the specific route - where in CA are they going? I could ask some friends in SF if they can stay there.
yeah, their site is completely totally great, but it's frustrating there is not a more detailed map of their planned course. I will see if I can wrangle a more detailed map image from them at some point in the near future, or maybe they have something more digital in mind. perhaps there is a way to plot it in google maps? Either way, I'm sure they'll respond to querys:
First Big Blog Post at Illuminated Thread dot Com

The boys are on their way through Iowa. Read about their adventures, watch their new videos, and make a donation!
Posted on behalf of the Illuminated Thread Boys:

Hello All:

If you're in Chicago this Friday please join us at the opening reception for our first post-ride gallery exhibition:

The Illuminated Thread Homecoming

Friday, November 21st
artist talk: 6 - 7pm, reception: 7 - 10pm

1370 W. Grand Ave. Storefront (between Ashland & Ogden)
Chicago IL 60642
T: 312-226-9292

Exhibition Hours:
Saturday, November 22nd: 1 - 7pm
Sunday, November 23rd: 11 - 6pm

the preceding info can also be found at and on the attached (PDF) invite.

Peace and love,


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