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Anybody out there have this problem? If so, how and where do you store your bikes? Right now I have 7 bicycles in a one bedroom apartment (plus multiple 4 legged beasts). I had two of them hanging from hooks I bought at Kozy's, but they are not cutting it - I reinforced the area where I hung them ... they were fine for a while, but then ... crash... and they came a tumblin down. (p.s. no bike or animal was hurt in the process). Any suggestions?

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Damn, I was wondering myself. I have 3 and my man has 1 as well. I keep two locked in my locked basement. Thankfully my neighbors aren't douches. My stretch lowrider takes two people and the right angles to lug out, so good luck thiefs.

Perhaps you can find a cheap, secure storage unit? One of those indoor guys so the weather won't affect it?

Otherwise, a cheaper apartment where you can another bedroom for bikes and stuff?
otherwise...I would have to agree...a stud locater would help...
Get a couple racks that hold two bikes, or convert an old futon into a bike stand.
I've got the same problem. There are 5 bikes floating around my apt without any sort of proper home. Not sure what to get

Holds 5 bikes



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