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hey. thanks in advanced for any suggestions. i have a sweet jamis hybrid that i love, but in order to keep up with the big dogs, it is time to plunk down for a road bike. what is essential, other than fit and/or comfort with a good bike? shimano 105 components feel like an accord to a stratus. what about wheelset? is a kickstand necessary? just kidding.i would mostly be riding to ride. no race plans. commuting needs will be met with my jamis. i want this to last without having to upgrade much down the line.

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For a first roadbike, 105 is great. Actually 105 is great for an advanced rider. No on the kickstand :) IMO a good wheelset if very important. I rate, fit, bike frame then wheelset in order of importance. Nothing like a good set of wheels.
sweet. thanks. i am actually obsessed with wheels lately. they say you save 2# for every 1# the wheel set is lighter. and...i can't believe how much it costs to upgrade a wheelset. and i was kidding about the kickstand. i am looking at 3 wheelers so you don't really need one. :)
If you need help in wheels let me know. I am also obsessed with wheels. I actually was going to suggest that you get 2 kickstands incase your first one fails LOL......
maybe i should get some airbags and a side curtain too. i had to start with training wheels on my 3 wheeler. and a kickstand for each side right? matching streamers are nice, but some consider that obnoxious. what do you know about the xero or mavic wheels? it is mostly about the rims right? can i ask what you spin on?

These are the best wheels for the money. Mavic takes all of the technology in there really expensive great wheels and let it trickle down to these wheels. You can normally find a set for about 200 bucks on sale or use online coupons. I have these on my bad weather bike and love them for the $$$$$$.

Xero are OK but I think the ones above blow them away for the cash. Now if you are looking for some more expensive than 200 bucks, we can talk for hours on that subject :)
OK I just read the reviews on the link that I gave you. Not the best but my experience and a couple of other friends experience have been great.
How much are you looking to spend? I got my first road bike this year and i went with an aluminum/carbon frame with a shimano ultegra group except for the front derailleur which is 105.

And PERSONALLY i would totally steer clear of all carbon frames. Once you crash one they are done and you are out quite a bit of money. and you may well get into a crash in the first couple months (like i did when i hit a tree a couple weeks ago at 20+ miles an hour!)

and a kickstand is absolultely neccessary. How else are you going to suavely lean on your saddle while flirting with (your sexual preference here) on the bike bath?
Damn Vanessa was the tree ok :) Just kidding. Were you OK? I could not imagine crashing into a tree going that fast.
luckily the tree was not carbon fiber either!! the special-ed roubaix stoked. thanks for all your help guys.
hey coops - why not post a pic of your sweet new ride? :)

coops said:
luckily the tree was not carbon fiber either!! the special-ed roubaix stoked. thanks for all your help guys.
Did the tree run out in front of you Vanessa?

I am riding an aluminum and carbon bike on my daily commute,(trek 1200) it is so rough and cranky.... but it flies.

If you have the cash and stay on smooth surfaces than its worth it.
Are you looking for used or new? I would stay away from used aluminum... I know I am really cruel to my bike, and would not want to see it x-rayed.
I recently purchased a Trek 1.2T from Two Seasons in Hanover Park, IL ($699). I totally love this bike, perfect entry level bike. I can cruise if I want to and also have no problems maintaining a 25mph pace if need be (until my legs wear out of course). Max speed thus far on it has been 42mph (scared me a bit too). It isn't setup really to race as the brakes and shifters are in a more comfortable position than they are a racing position. The front fork is carbon as well.



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