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I was checking out the Chicagoland Biking site and saw that SRAM is doing a Mini-Grant program for 2008 fundraising rides. I've included some of the information below and attached the application form. The deadline is August 1. I figured if you're planning a fundraising ride, this could be a good way to defray some of the costs.

Who May Apply

Organizations and groups may apply for grant funds if they are:
a non-profit corporation, club or association
an official unit of city, county or state government, including schools, school districts, colleges and universities
Organizations need not be incorporated as charitable corporations in order to apply. However, a fiscal agent could be required.

An organization can apply for one grant per fiscal year.

Funding Priorities

Should grant funds prove limited in any fiscal year, priority will be given to applicants serving underserved communities.

What We Fund

The SRAM Bicycling Mini-Grant Program funds activities that promote bicycling in Chicago, such as:
International Walk and Bike to School Day programs
innovative marketing strategies
bicycle clubs and after-school programs
classroom programs targeting specific communities
trail initiatives
community-based encouragement and planning

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So would a "The" T-shirt compaign work? Free/Subsidized t-shirts and a design contest along those lines ....
I'm pretty sure the deadline has passed for 2008. I found out about it about a week after it passed. I'm going to set up a proposal with the art center i work at for 2009. I'm hoping to do a tour of chicago murals and street art and such. On bikes.



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