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This route from Chicago to Milwaukee is 99.94 miles, so with a few loops around a parking lot at the finish, you've got yourself a century. I'm not totally sold on an unsupported century, since I like the security of rest stops and a SAG wagon. But the idea of riding to Milwaukee is intriguing if we could get a group together... and if someone's friend/brother/mom can pick us up on the other side.

Here's the link.
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Nick said:
I'll put the date on my calendar. I've been meaning to do this ride for some time, and I think that September 6th might be a good time to do it.

The North Shore Century is a good entry century ride, as is the Apple Cider Century in Three Oaks Michigan. The ACC is great fun and I highly advise anyone interested in doing centuries to do it. Last year's was my first century, and though I was tired at the end, the next day I was fine.

This Sunday is the CCC/EBC "Slower Century" up to the Velodrome in Kenosha. Its intended for first-time century ridaz. I'll be going (first time for me).
Hi everyone - after much consideration I've decided to cancel/postpone this ride. For our first big group ride, I wanted to make sure all the details were set (i.e. where we're staying, how/when we're getting back to Chicago, etc.). When we can plan a ride further out and make sure all the logistics are there, we'll do it. So keep an eye out for this ride next season!
I finally did this ride last Friday. Here's a map of my meandering route:

Lessons learned:
1. It would have been more fun to ride with other people.
2. It sucks when the wind is blowing steadily from the north, not enough to be a huge drag, but enough to mess-up timing
3. It would be more fun at temps > 60°F
4. The roads are much worse in Illinois (especially 32 in Zion)
5. There's scenic and scary stuff along the way.
6. There are very few nice cafes along the way.
7. Pack plenty of food, and then a bit more. Just in case.
8. Familiarize yourself with the train schedules before you go. Seriously. It sucks when you miss your train out of Kenosha (and Winthrop Harbor and Zion and so on).

Hey Nick, how long did it take you?
It was going to be a chainlink group ride but was cancelled/postponed.

DEADhex said:
Who was/is this ride being put together by? Chain link?
vxla said:
Hey Nick, how long did it take you?

It took me about 5.5 hours (longer than I planned) to get to MKE.



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