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i will simply burn the rest of this battery on me book and phone and play with this internetty thing. but i digress, real point here is to share one of the odder breakages i've experienced.

so i'm heading home last night and noticing some wiggle in offside pedal, pull over to take a peak. thought it was the pedal, but upon closer inspection the crank bolt seemed to have gotten a bit loose. well, i'm a couple of miles from home, so i gerry rig tighten it and hope for the best. holds pretty well at first, but notice the wiggle increasing again. i'm blocks from home, tighten it again. ahh... home. that's where i sleep. especially at that time of night. i'll tune up in the morning.

wakey wakey. honey nut cheerios and a smoke and time for some fixin. crouch down, allen wrench in hand... wtf? where's the bolt? sucker must have completely wiggled out on that last leg. amazing. t'would have been interesting to be all of sudden pedaling down the street at one in the morning one pedalled and the other dangling off the other foot. well, thank heaven for small miracles. time to dig about and see if spare bolts are on hand.

found some. virgin too. bought for a friends project awhile back i believe. so back into the crouch. hmmph. won't go. wtf once more. no way. upon even closer inspection head had snapped off and the bolt is still stuck in the bracket. after a minute or two of "$%&@@(!", i think, "wait i love grease." proceed to dig with a small flat head and work that sucker out. hooray.

as my power popped on during that last paragraph and i'm noticing this a bit of a long scribble, i'll tie it up. also found a second piece lodged in there as well. basically bolt had snapped in three pieces. never ever seen that before.

hope everyone else has power.

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Phew! Lucky for you it didn't snap completely while pedaling! I was cruising down Armitage after 4th of July fireworks last year trying to beat a light. I beat the light. My bolt severed completely throwing me off balance over the opposite side into the middle of Armitage and a walker by screamed an obscenity and then helped me up. He even grabbed my pedal. Ouch.

Ride safe.
you should really talk to your bike leprechauns and tell them to quit "f"ing with your stuff.



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