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It's in Schererville IN.

PS: Hi! My name is Jess...I ride a Lemond Poprad, and am looking into buying a Specialized Langster London. (Advice? Reviews? Am I stupid? I would get the Chicago one, but it's FUGLY. No offense) Or, if someone knows of a MIDGET frame (I'm talkin 49-50 TOPS) that isn't a low step, I'll build my own fixie. I work as a mechanic at the above mentioned bike shop, when I'm not in college for Chemical Engineering (shoot me now). Hope to meet and get to know you guys, and ride the TIRES off my bike with yall this summer. :)

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Hi Jessica, welcome to the site! Please post your Break Cancer Awareness Ride on the calendar along with all the info so that people in the area can join. If your post is about the bike you're looking for, you can re-name it so that it's clear from reading what you're writing about. Thanks!
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looks like it's a legitimate ride.
Ah oh yes, the Specialized Langsters (the city models) are aluminum and very uncomfortable to ride. But you should really start a new thread.


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