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Chicago 2017 Cycling Fatalities: 8* (*1 transit-related) - Ride of Silence Tomorrow Night 5-16-18

'Chicago Ghost Bikes / Ghost Bikes Chicago' - Cycling Community Group(s)

Chicago 2017 Cycling Fatalities: 8* (*1- transit-related)

+REST IN PEACE - FELLOW CYCLISTS+ "Meet you for the big ride on the other side!" . . .

Lisa Marie Schalk, 50, + Ghost Bike Installation 3pm Sunday 11-19-17, 5750 s. Archer Ave.

The Chicago Cycling Fatalities for 2017 are 8* (*1 transit-related)
-Clarence D. Walton, 49
-Angelo L. Resto, 46
-Leonard Anderson, 70
-Lisa Marie Schalk, 50
-Johnel Washington, 31
-Louis Ray Smith, 56
-Jezniah Jay Smith, 34
* cycling transit-related,
-Gabriel Milorad Ciupeiu, 18

One notation and memorialisation here for me before time is up. To the unknown young cyclist that died needlessly from a pickup truck crash back in mid-80's on the first days of summer vacation just a few hundred feet away, "you are not forgotten." RIP + . . . See you down the road! . . .

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The Chicago Ride of Silence 2018 is tomorrow, Wednesday night, gathering at the Eternal Flame in the plaza at 5:30pm, leaving at 6:30pm sharp. Traveling in silence till~8:15pm.                                                                                       

Refreshments /snacks after ride ends. Free! / donations welcomed!

Please join us for this community empowering event !  . . .


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