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I just noticed there wasn't an event posted for the Apple Cider Century in Michigan. I created an event, it is awaiting approval.

This will be the first time I ride this event. It should be great weather.


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I have created an event on Google+ for the ACC.

This will allow people to easily share pictures, videos, etc.

You may join the event page below:


Question for those that have ridden this ride:  Do you get the route in KML format days before the ride or is it just a map given to you on the day of the ride?

This will my 25th year doing the ACC - they give you a map when you pick up your registration materials.

FYI, the MapMyRides site has the routes posted for the last four years for the ACC, both the 50-mile and the 100-mile rides.  The routes definitely differ from year to year...but you can get an idea of the sections of Michigan and Indiana typically visited.

This is my first year doing the ACC.   I am really looking forward to the country roads and orchard country aspects of the ride, and the weather on Sunday looks to be dry and almost Indian Summer like.  Nothing like the headwind on the North Shore Century last weekend...

Should be a beautiful day. Gotta love the directional apple stems!

Andy Moss 9.5 said:

This will be my fifth year on the ACC.  The different length routes are also easy to follow based on street marking alone.   


It will be wonderful if the current weather forecast holds! 

This is my first time doing this ride and I'm really looking forward to it after hearing that it is a great and fun ride.


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