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I sent this to the BW email list too--sorry for the doubling up.

Heya folks,

The recent temperature dip and Miguel's complaints about being cold in the bike seat remind me that Bike Fall is around the corner. Wind burned ears can lower the spirits of our fellow cyclists and knock them out of the saddle, preventing them from appreciating the beauty of Bike Winter.

We can stop the wind in its tracks with our traditional fall flurry of fleece. I and others (you?) will start off by making gaitors to give away at autumn events, including the 9/15 UnHappy Hour at Quenchers and the 9/22 Bike Winter Kick-off.

How can you help?
--Do you already have extra ear gators and balaclavas from years past? Bring them to the kick off to help with distribution.
--Do you have extra fleece? Save it up for TBA "no-sweatshops" or arrange to get it to me or Willow.
--Do you have sewing skills and a machine? Let me know so we can get production humming.
--Need a copy of a pattern and tips? I'll bring to the 9/15 and 9/22 events.
--Or, of course, just do your own thang!

If you already have your ears covered, consider helping with in-between event distribution.  I often carry an extra gaitor in my bag so that when I meet a cyclist in a store, at a mutual friend's house, etc, and talk turns to all year biking (who me? guide the conversation?) , I can give them a fleece goodie on the spot. I often hear back from them that it made a difference getting through their first season. Sometimes the people who come to events are the usual suspects (uh, us!) who don't always need so much support. Our job is to spot those faltering cyclists in the wild and help them out.

Oh yeah, the coffee seems to be kicking in ;-)

Don't let bike fall bring you down!


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21 yards of fleece for 75 bucks. Thanks, Joanne's for giving a Bike Winter discount. I also stayed focused on the sale and close out items.

hey there gin!

i sew and have fleece. can you email me the ear gator pattern? i'd love to bring some for you to give away to the 9-22 meetup.

thank you!!
I'll help again this year and can cut and have a sewing machine. I have a few fleeces left over from last year htat I can bring to the kick off. Will also be on the lookout for cheap fleece.
I can help buy and host..... I'm not so handy/crafty though.
Kate--I will have p atterns at the 9/15 Unhappy hour. Can you come then?

Kate Setzer Kamphausen said:
hey there gin!

i sew and have fleece. can you email me the ear gator pattern? i'd love to bring some for you to give away to the 9-22 meetup.

thank you!!
Julie--I was just thinking about the hosting issue today. I think it does not make the best sense for me to host what with Miguel running around. Would be great if you can host. Maybe at the 9/22 meeting we can get some dates on the calendar and see who else has roomy places for unfurling the fleece?

Julie Hochstadter said:
I can help buy and host..... I'm not so handy/crafty though.
so I forgot to ask about the fleece sewing at the Bike Winter meeting.... I can sew and would like to meet up and sew these... or get the pattern. I just moved here... and have my sewing machine back in Minneapolis, but I can grab it when I go home in 2 weekends!
I've got room to host a cutting party, but no sewing machine (its on my list of too get items). Plenty of seats around coffee tables, kitchen table and counter space though.
I have a somewhat portable sewing machine that I can bring with me.
Very excited by all the offers to host, cut and sew. I'll try to wrap my brain around it all and post something here and on the bw planning email list this weekend. Yee-ha! Happy Friday.
Here is what I am thinking. . .Can someone host a fleece cutting kick-off brunch on Sunday Oct 9th? I can bring fleece, patterns and advice. From there, we can strategize production and distribution. It would be good to have a bunch of giveaways in time for the Oct 29 Critical Mass.

What we need for cutting: I actually think floors are better than tables, unless the tables are huge. So, IMO we are looking more for floor than table space. But, if this is more of a "learn how to cut and sew your own" event, then space is not so critical.

Thoughts? Hosts?


Sat, the 9th wouldn't work for me to host. I'm doing the frank lloyd wright and austin bike tours. The 10th is the marathon and I had planned on cheering a friend on. But between large tables and floor space I think I could host a cutting party later this month.


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